Calacatta Lincoln White Marble is currently the most popular white marble style, and it has become a very luxurious stone decoration material for hotels and villas. In the current fashion trend, the simple style brought by Apple’s ios operating system has affected the decoration field. Therefore, in the interior decoration of the building, Calacatta Lincoln Marble which has a simple surface and a clear texture is widely used by designers.

Chinese Market

Shuitou Town, China is the world’s largest stone trading center. It is the place where the import of marble blocks is concentrated. If you want to buy Lincoln White marble, China’s Shuitou Town is the best choice. Calacatta Lincoln’s quarry is in the United States, but the quarry owner is Italian, because the main sales center is in Italy, so the Chinese want to import this marble, they must go to Italy to purchase.

Calacatta Lincoln Marble Slabs

Marble Quarry

The mine owner had previously mined a snow-white mine and had extensive experience in white marble mining. After years of mining, the Statuario stone quarry has limited production, especially the top quality is rarer. In order to continue the development of the product more stable and long-term development, it is obvious that it needs to redevelop and promote new varieties, so Calacatta Lincoln Marble becomes Bianco Statuario Marble or Calacatta Marble’s alternatives, from the perspective of market demand and cost performance, it can be made and is no less effective than the two. At the same time, the quality of the board presented at the price of 500-1000USD/m2, both texture and cleanliness are very good and pleasant, you will find more case on Pinterest.
Calacatta Lincoln Marble Quarry in United States

White Marble Case

From a historical perspective, the long history of white marble is still loved by people. From 2000 BC, a large number of white marble sculptures were used to sculpture portrait sculptures on the Greek peninsula and numerous islands. Since the 19th century, white marble production has grown in an all-around way and is used extensively in emerging middle-class buildings. Today, white marble has become a new design and application demand point, the use of white marble has not been weakened; from the geographical breadth, white marble is the most demanding stone in the international market, and is deeply influenced by the United States, Arabia, India, Singapore, etc. So the Calacatta Lincoln Marble is one of the best white stone choices. BUY SLABS
Calacatta Lincoln Stone Tiles

Calacatta Lincoln Marble tile for wall

Calacatta Lincoln Tiles in Wall

Bookmatch in Lobby Floor