Stone Project Inspect and Repair

Structure Remedy

Prior to Marble or Granite tiles installation, checking of structure alignment and level should be carried out to see if remedies such as hacking if concrete or extra thick cement and sand backing is required. Besides checking setting out accuracy, defects of concrete or backing structure such as concrete bulging, honeycomb, exposed bars, stink and cracks should be identified and make good. Other considerations such as the application of wire mesh to locations where different backing structure abutting and provision of additional sealant to the edge of holes should also be made.

Site Measurement for Cutting Order

Upon getting instructions and access to work areas, on-site setting should be made immediately to enable measurement for cutting order preparation. Cutting orders should be prepared and grouped by locations and floors to facilitate the selection of stone materials with quality consistency, Pre-lay checking should be conducted in the factory after fabrication and the panels should be back numbered in an orderly manner for easy installation on site.

Associated Works

Waterproofing works or metal sub-frame construction may be required to back structure of some locations prior to stone installation.

Common Locations Requiring Waterproofing Works

  • External cladding
  • Walls and floor nearby bath shower and bathtub
  • Window sill and bay window

Waterproofing works to the backing structure shall be applied up to the specialist’s or supplier’s requirement and also with Architect’s approval. Sometimes, seater application to stone panel surface may also be required.

Common Locations Requiring Metal Sub-frame

  • False wall/column
  • Water closet backing cistern/bulkhead
  • Cavity behind dry fixing stone cladding
  • The non-load bearing backing structure
  • Granite Countertop base
  • Molding
  • Services door and framing

Metal sub-frame design may need stability proof with structural calculation if requested. The material is GMS generally. Treatment should be applied to connect points with, fixing brackets to eliminate electrolysis effect among different metals. Also, the sub-frame installation should avoid damage to pre-applied waterproofing works and cater for subsequent Marble & Granite installation.