About Azul Imperial you need to know.

Azul Imperial is a quartzite from State of Bahia, the northeast of Brazil. It is quartzite but also has the feature of sandstone, you can find it from its background. Light blue background with dark blue veins. Bright white points along the veins, evenly dispersed on the surface. Like the sea glinted in the sun, also like the galactic galaxies in the vast universe. Mysterious and amazing.

Natural blue quartzite is rare resource, all are very popular, like Sodalite blue, Blue bahia, Azul Infinito and so on. They are high end stone, can be used as wall, floor, stairs, most be used as kitchen tops and background.

Two types of Azul Imperial.

As we know there is multicolor Azul Imperial too, but we just have blue color, light blue and dark blue.

1.Dark blue, full of dark blue veins with less bright white points.

2.Light blue, light blue background with light blue veins, more bright white points follow the veins.

You can find the different from the pictures well.

Azul Imperial quartzite slabs for your selection.

We have big quantity 2.0cm slabs in stock for your selection, all are book match polished. If you need other finish, it is workable too. We can do at polished, honed, leather, sandblasted, flamed and so on.

  • Select from the color, light color and dark color.
  • Select from the veins, most are diagonal veins, but also cross striation and vertical veins.
  • Select from the size, we have size 1000-3000*1000-2000*20mm available. (this is luxury stone, when cutting, all of us hope to make the waste to 0%. So we need to select the big slabs based on the cut to size.)

Natural stone, why natural? All are different is its natural beauty.
How to show her at her best? It’s an art, let’s do it together!

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