Bianco Rhino Marble Slab

Bianco Rhino Marble, also can be called as Mystery White Marle, Royal White Marble.  It has a pure white marble looking and also textured as the onyx, which can be widely used in floor & wall, countertop, etc. We have many blocks and slabs in stock, with 10mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 30mm thickness.

Bianco Rhino Marble Application

Bianco Rhino Marble can be sourced into polished, honed, and other surface finishing. It is ideal for the floor & wall decoration, which shows its elegance for your home decoration. We can cut the Bianco Rhino Marble into tiles, with size of  12”x12”, 12”x24” and 24”x24” , customized sizes are available.

Similar Quarry

There is another similar quarry of the Bianco Rhino Marble, which is also a very popular white marble in the world.

The Bianco Rhino has a pure white color with the “ice-cracks”, acting likes the white onyx as its translucent texture.

There are two different types of this material, one with diagonal ice-veinings and another with vertical ice-veinings.

Distributed with the lighter beige and grey veins is one of the characteristics of the Bianco Rhino, the quality better, the beige veins fewer.

We have more than 15000sqm slabs and 1000tons blocks of the Bianco Rhino with different types in stock, please do not hesitate to contact us if any need or project-inquiry.

Customized Bianco Rhino Marble Tiles Project

How we process the Bianco Rhino Marble Tiles as the customers’ cutting plan? Let us tell you more details about it.

Before cutting, we made the CAD drawings as the customer’s cutting plan, then selected the most suitable slab for cutting as the plans, and confirmed all the details with the customer.

And during the cutting, our workers cut the tiles according to the drawing and helped to avoid natural defect at the same time.

After cutting, all the tiles have been dry laid for inspection by our QC Team, we picked up the tiles to match the stone color of the same area, tried our best to reduce the color difference when installation at the project site.

After that, we processed all the tiles with a waterproof sealer for the white marble, which can protect it from the dirt to a certain extent. Then packed it with the strong wooden crates with fumigation.

We can cut the customized tiles as your requirement, please feel free to contact us if any needs.

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