About Blue Fusion Quartzite

Blue Fusion Quartzite is a natural quartzite from Brazil. Clear background with silky texture, smooth and elegant. That is why we call it Silk Roads in China. It is colorful and active, you can find blue, light green and orange in the surface.

The feature of natural quartzite.

  • 1.Natural quartzite is hard, its Moh’s hardness is 7, higher than granite, marble and quartz.
  • 2.Quartzite is often 99% SiO2 with very minor amounts of other minerals. The texture and luster of natural crystal, makes it most durable.
  • 3.Its water absorption is just 0.02%, make it no oil absorption, corrosion resistance and weathering resistance, cleans easily.

Its feature makes it very suitable for countertop, vanity top and it is also very suitable indoor and outdoor wall and floor.

Various Slabs for Selection

We have big quantity 2cm big slabs in our warehouse for selection, different types for each block. The difference depends on how many percent of blue, light green, and orange, and how the veins runs on the surface.

You can find the difference from the pictures well, some of the veins very clear, runs regularly on the surface; some of the veins not so clear, but still runs regularly; some of them with irregular colorful veins like an abstract painting.

Our standard size is 2400-3200*1400-2000*20/30mm, all that we have available are polished finished, but the customized size and finished are welcome.
Except polished, we can do honed, antique, brush, leather, and so on.

I am sure there will be one suitable for you!

How We Product the Blue Fusion Quartzite

1. We buy the blocks from the Brazil quarry directly in big quantity.

2. We cut the blocks by advanced wire saw to make sure the quality of big slabs, like the flatness and so on.

3. All of the big slabs are book matched polished, and all of them are scanned when polishing. It will very easy for you to know how it looks like and what is the size from the pictures, very clear.

4.Before cut to size, we draw on the scan picture to know where and what size we want to make sure the veins continuously.

5. We have corollary equipment to do the special processing. Like countertops, vanity tops, background, stairs, columns, and so on.

6. After cut to size, we will layout them in our factory, marked every pieces and then pack them as their location.

You can find all of these process from our video well. If you interested in it, don’t hesitate to contact us on your free. We won’t let you down.

Detail Specifications

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