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Calacatta Verde Marble Slabs is quarried from Italy, which is well-known for its elegant appearance and exceptional texture.

The Calacatta Verde Marble has a white background with some dark grey veining running through, and there are also many light green veins flowing on the surface.

The combination of patterns and colors makes the Calacatta Verde Marble not only play a prominent and eye-catching role in decoration, but also coordinate with other materials and elements to produce a harmonious overall effect.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, Calacatta Verde Marble also has great texture. Its hardness and wear resistance allows it to withstand long-term use and high-intensity impact. It also has good compression resistance and is not easily damaged or deformed, which makes it ideal for high-quality construction and decoration projects.

Calacatta Verde Marble also has many other advantages. For example, its surface is easy to clean and does not get dirt or stains easily, making it very convenient to maintain. In addition, its fire resistance and chemical resistance also make it widely used in special environments, such as kitchens, bathrooms and so on.

We have many Calacatta Verde Marble Block&Slabs in stock for your choosing, if any needs or project inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Calacatta Verde Marble Applications

Because of its originality and superior properties, Calacatta Verde Marble is widely used in various architectural and decorative projects.

Whether it is a luxurious residence, commercial office building, or public place, it can be used as floors, walls, and columns, which is elegant and sophisticated.

It is also a perfect option for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and island tops, reception desks, round tables, etc.

We can process the customized countertops based on your drawings and designs, please show us the drawings to build your dream home together!

Detail Specifications of Calacatta Verde Marble Slabs

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