Calacatta Viola Marble Slab

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About Calacatta Viola Stone, You Need to Know

Calacatta Viola Marble Slab is a fantastic purple-veined marble, which is from the oldest quarry in Italy. Elegant white background with purple veins and shades, which is vivid and unique for any project. It is ideal for the countertop, vanity top, floor, wall, and steps, etc. Stocked in the 1.8cm slab.

As a professional manufacturer and exporter, Fulei Stone has always kept in the faith of high-quality products and superior customer service. We have our own factory and QC Team that everything product would be inspected piece by piece before loading. We have established an international business relationship with customers all over the world as the project of 172 Madison Avenue Luxury Condominium in New York. About the calacatta viola marble slab, please contact me freely for more demand.

Calacatta Viola Stone Close Up
Close Up
Calacatta Viola Design
Design Stone Project

Because the marble texture has a natural purple veins, Calacatta Viola Marble is often used in high-end decoration design. We can provide you with stone design, production, transportation, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Slabs for Wholesale and Project

We supply the Calacatta viola marble slabs wholesale, pls tell us what your need, we will send the in-stock slab for your check or customized blocks for you. At the same time, we also have a high-definition scan of the marble slab for your reference so that you can make the right decision.

This video shows how to pack and load calacatta viola marble slabs

Instock Slabs Available

High resolution scanned photos for every piece slab in stock are available here, welcome to check!

Instock Slabs – Calacatta Viola Marble- Bookmatched – 383.157m²383.157m², 70pcs
Instock Slabs – Calacatta Viola Marble- Bookmatched – 321.418m²321.418m², 50pcs
Instock Slabs – Calacatta Viola Marble- Bookmatched – 300.093m²300.093m², 49pcs

Detail Specifications of Calacatta Viola Marble

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