The feature of China Grey Marble

China Grey Marble, well know as china super white marble in China. Light gray color and dark gray color background with clear black veins and tiny red veins, extends irregularly on the marble, whether it is natural extension or book matching are good looking.

About the quarry

The quarry of China Grey Marble is a full-fledged quarry, allowed by government, vast area, advanced quarry opening machine and formed a good sales system. It works very well, can meet the continuous requirements from domestic and international market.

The quarry is located in Guizhou Province China. We were among the first to buy this block from it just start and one of the biggest buyer, so, we have good advantage in it.

Types of China Grey Marble

Types of China Grey Marble:

Most customers know it as China Grey Marble, but have no idea about the different. Let’s distinguish them from the background and the veins.

  • a. Light gray background, price higher;
  • b. Dark gray background, price cheaper.


  • a. Less veins;
  • b. Much veins;
  • c. Tiny veins;
  • d. Big veins.

How to judge the quality?

How to judge the quality?

As we know, natural stone is different with ceramic and artificial stone, you can’t find two identical blocks. People judge China grey’s price based on it’s background. The background more clear, the price more higher.
1.Clear background
2.Unclear background

What we can do for you?

For wholesale:

1.Big quantity of 1.8CM ( 3/4") big slabs for wholesale, We keep 8000-10000m2 per month in stock for wholesale. Total sales volume is about 100,000 m2 per year. About 30% for international market and 70% for domestic market.

For Projects:

a.Cut to size as customer’s requirements, We can cut at any size and any thickness as customer’s requirement.

b.We can make up the production list from customer’s CAD drawing. Include size and special processing.

Projects for reference:

China grey marble can be used in inner wall and floor, column, background, stairs, bathroom wall and floor, counter tops, vanity tops and so on.

Detail Specifications

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