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White Wood Marble is original from China. The quarry is located in Guizhou province, the southwest of China. This marble has light grey straight veins with wooden looking background.

It is popularly used for worldwide countries. 3/8” tiles are very hot sale in the United States. We have offered about 45,600 square meters trapezoid tiles with top quality for Viceroy Hotel project in Dubai.

The popular surface treatment is polished but honed and leather face are also available. If you need this White Wood Marble, please feel free to contact us.

Every Thing You Need to Know – Wood Marble

About the Quarry in China?

The quarry of White Wood marble is located in Guizhou, a southwest province of China. The vast quarry area and the advanced quarry opening equipment can meet the continuous domestic and international market request. Fulei Stone owns the quarry, so we can supply good quality products for our customers all the time.

The Quarry of White Wood Marble (1)

Different White Wood Marble Quarry List

Most customers know the White Wood Marble, but have no idea about its variety. In fact, according to the different layers of the quarry opening, it has three popular kinds, namely, Second Layer, Third Layer and Fourth Layer.

  • For the Second Layer of the White Wood marble, the background colour is darker than the other two layers, but its price is relatively cheaper.
  • The Third Layer quality is between the Second and the Fourth, its colour is lighter than the Second but darker than the fourth, but its slabs height are higher than the Fourth.
  • For the Fourth Layer, its quality is the best, white colour, smooth veins, but usually, its height is not as much as the other two layers, and the price is most expensive.
The Second Layer of White Wood Marble Slabs
Second Layer Quarry
The Third Layer of White Wood Marble Slabs
Third Layer Quarry
The Fourth Layer of White Wood Marble Slabs
Fourth Layer Quarry

How to judge the quality of White Wood Serpeggiante Marble?

As we know, not like the porcelain tiles or other artificial materials, natural stone is beautiful in nature, it is impossible to be perfect, without any flaws.

White Wood marble also has some flaws, which will affect its quality and prices.  The background colour is the most obvious criterion to judge the quality. If the budget is limited, the not-so-white white wood grain marble may not be a bad choice.

The second flaw is the lines, include red lines, crystal lines, water lines. These are the feature of this stone. Fewer lines, the higher the price is.

However, it is unavoidable. Is there any White Wood Marble without these lines? the answer may be YES, but it should have a SKY PRICE (beyond imagination).

What We Can Do with the White Wood Marble for You?

Slabs for Wholesale

Inventory slabs standard thicknesses are 1.8cm. It is very beautiful for flooring and wall cladding. For other thickness like 2cm, 3cm, they are also available, we can cut at your request.

white wooden marble slabs warehouse
Instock Slabs Available

Cut-to-Size Tiles for Wholesale

We produce many 305x305x10mm and 305x610x10mm tiles for in stock. The prices are competitive. We customize white wooden marble tiles for stone projects, we provide the best quality, prompt delivery, 7×24 hours service.

For most White Wood Marble finished products, we will dry lay the tiles for customers. Marble dry laying has many advantages, firstly, it can save much time for installation, especially for the irregular shape tiles.

Normally, the customer should supply the CAD drawing of the project, then we will mark each tiles’ number in the drawing, after dry laying, we stick a relative label on the tiles.

Secondly, it will be easier to find the defects of the stone tiles before packing. Finally, the waterproof will be more thorough for dry laying.

White Wooden Tile of 10mm Thickness

More Customizable Marble Products

Except for the slabs and tiles, we can also supply the mosaic tiles, culture stones and carvings, etc.

The surface finishing can be polished, honed, brushed and grooved, etc, mosaic tile size is 12”x12”x8mm (305x305x8mm), design patterns have honeycomb, basketweave, herringbone, brick, etc, culture stone size is 60x15x(1.5-3.5)cm, customized sizes, design are welcome.

Instock Slabs Available

High resolution scanned photos for every piece slab in stock are available here, welcome to check!

Instock-Slabs-White-Wood-Marble-277.611m%C2%B2-1.jpg277.611m², 59pcs
Instock Slabs – White Wood Marble – 227.594m²227.594m², 41pcs

Detail Specifications of China White Wood Marble

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