About Classic White Quartzite you need to know.

Classic White Quartzite is a natural white quartzite, from Brazil. It is well known as Mont Blanc Quartzite. Ivory white background with tiny black veins.

The vein cut finished is much more popular in China.

It is very popular for Counter tops and Background, it also good for Vanity tops, Table tops, Cabinet tops, wall and flooring.

We always keep big quantity 1.8cm big slabs in stock for wholesale, there is a new cutting top quality one for reference.
Finished: Book-matched polished.
Size: 122.83”×75.59”

How to Judge the Quality of Veins Cut Classic White Quartzite?

You can find their difference from the pictures easily, the veins and background are different.

  • Background, the more white the better, the surface cleaner, the better
  • Veins, the best is few slopping tiny veins, that makes the surface clean, the second is have more regular veins, the third is more or less irregular veins

But nothing is absolute, if all are very clean, all the veins are regular, all the same, it is not natural stone, it is man made, that makes it loose its value. Natural stone is a precious gift from nature to us, it is art. Beautiful or not, based on how we use it.

What We Can Do for You?

We are not only wholesaler but also manufacturer, have 35 years in stone. We not only provide big slabs but also cut to size and do the process as drawing for projects and home decorating.

We have big quantities blocks in stock, if you need other thicknesses are welcome, the MOQ for different thicknesses is at least one block.

If you need other finished, like honed, antique, brushed, leather, and so on. There is no MOQ limitation.

Detail Specifications

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