More Useful Information About Elegant Brown Quartzite

Elegant Brown Quartzite is quite beautiful natural quartzite from Brazil.

Overall, it`s the brown color, actually mixed by brown, red, and grey color. And the unique and elegant veins look soft, comfortable calm, and serene.

Natural Quartzite is a resistant material, with the features of excellent hardness, high-temperature resistance, outstanding corrosion resistance, free from scratches and etching, and easy to clean and maintain. So it has a prime position using for kitchen and bathroom, also for wall tiles, floor tiles, and stairs.

As same as Elegant Brown Quartzite, its beautiful veins, and the quartzite features make it ideal for various projects, especially for high-end apartment and commercial buildings, as well as villa and resorts.

Our factory has stable abilities to supply Elegant Brown Quartzite for wholesale or projects.

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Selections of Elegant Brown Quartzite Slabs

We have many stock slabs in 18mm thick for selection, usually polished and leathered.

We cut and update slabs from time to time to match various requirements of different slab patterns or styles. And customized thickness like 25mm or 30mm is available upon needs.

As the pictures show on the right, you could let us know your ideas and which pattern you like. We try to match your preferences and projects.

Applications of Elegant Brown Quartzite Tiles

Elegant Brown Quartzite is quite ideal for floorings, not only for the large area but also for the small area. People usually like to make all the tiles in same direction during dry laying at the factory, making it a visual feast.

Our factory support to cut to size. We pay more attention to our quality and services, having rich experience for commercial & residential buildings, public projects, and star hotel project.

And we deal with a lot of projects of kitchen tops and vanities tops. We supply CAD drawing services according to your architectural drawings, sink cutouts, faucet cutouts, edge finish, layout, and the label for easy installation.

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Detail Specifications of Elegant Brown Quartzite

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