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French Vanilla Marble, quarried from Turkey, is also known as Ivory Beige Marble. It has a smooth and delicate texture, warm and soft tones, which is of the high quality as the jade that is highly appreciated in any project.

Based on the creamy beige color with white veining, the French Vanilla Marble looks simple and noble, just as beautiful as the magnolia flower, silt but is not stained. Its high gloss makes you feel like you are in the fairyland of Alice, bringing you into a vast space. And it looks elegant and low-key when with a honed surface finish.

We have a large number of blocks and 15mm&18mm slabs in stock for projects and wholesale, please do not hesitate to contact us if any needs.

French Vanilla Marble Processing

We have provided the French Vanilla Marble to many projects in Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, American, etc, which has accumulated rich experience in it. Let us share with you how we process the French Vanilla Marble as below.

The French Vanilla Marble is a kind of natural stone and some marble blocks may have more or less natural cracks, so before the cutting, we will wrap the whole block with special stone glues firstly, then start to cut by the block cutting machine. The normal thickness is 18mm&15mm, can be cut with customized thickness based on the specific requirements.

After got the slabs, we will look carefully for each slab, and filled it with the epoxy resin of the natural cracks if found, to make it do not have any touch feeling.

Then we can cut it into sizes as your requirements and the confirmed standards. And we will also do dry laying to make the tiles looks uniform and consistent for the same area, to make it easier and better for installation on the project site.

And it is better to do the water-proof sealer at the surface or backside, which can protect the marble from dirt, especially for the white marble.

Last but not least, we will pack all the products with strong wooden crates with fumigation, like the angle steel reinforced in the crate corners, to make it arrive safely at the project site.

French Vanilla Marble Project Cases

The French Vanilla is highly appreciated in commercial and residential projects, including the floors&walls, TV walls, sinks, window sills, screens, kitchens, countertops, vanity tops, carvings, etc.

Any needs or project inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Detail Specifications of French Vanilla Marble

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