About Namibian Rose Marble You Need to Know

Namibian Rose, also well known as Pink Namibia marble, is a pink marble from Namibia. It’s a stone that has white crystal background with pink & rosy stripes and textures.

Similar to onyx stone, this stone can do backlit but hardness is much better than onyx. So it becomes a new trend for architects and designers.

With the great hardness and unique style, Namibian Rose is ideal to apply for wall & floor tile, countertop, vanity, background panel, table, mosaic, etc.

Namibian Rose Slabs for Wholesaler

There are two types, one is the normal various shades of cream and pink veins diagonally running throughout. And the other is with rosy small blocks spread on the surface randomly.

For wholesale, we have 5000+sqm 1.8cm nice glassy polished or honed surface slabs in stock for your selection.

Besides, there are more than 3000 tons blocks in the storage yard and waiting to cut to meet your continuous needs.

Applications of Cristallo Namibian Rose

1. Countertop, Vanity, and Island Top

Thanks to the great hardness, Pink Namibia marble is also perfect to do any tops like countertop, vanity, and island top.

The common kitchen countertop size is 96”x 26” and 108”x 36”. The above sizes are popularly applied all over the world.

Customized sizes are available in accordance with your needs.

2.Tile & Stair

Namibian Rose can be well precessed in wall & floor tile and stairs.

The popular tile size is 610mm x 610mm (24” x 24”), 610mm x 305mm (24” x 12”), 457mm x 457mm (18” x 18”), 305mm x 305mm (12” x 12”).

Any customized size and requirements can also be made according to your project needs.

Our factory can cut at your requirements.

Detail Specifications of Namibian Rose Marble

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