About Nero Portoro Marble You Need to Know

Nero Portoro Marble is a black marble from Italy. It is an old & popular marble, well known for many years.

Black background with golden flower, the golden flowers are distributed in straight lines on the surface. The inherent deep blackness gave it an aristocratic temperament.

The golden yellow markings are intermittent and evenly distributed in stripes, like a layer of yellow golden flowers sprinkled on a black satin surface. The unique texture presents a beautiful artistic atmosphere.

Why the price of Nero Portoro Marble higher than other Portoro Marble?

Kindly check the three pictures of Portoro Marble, their difference are very clear.

1.The veins of Nero Portoro Marble is more clear and beautiful, regular but not rigid, like the headdress of a fashion model, unique in shape.

2.The most important, it has the best material and the hardest.

It is a natural king, favored by all creators, and no one is like it. It does not lose its simplicity in the complex, and it highlights the nobleness in the popular.

Where to Use?

It is an ideal material for decorating luxurious buildings. It is deeply favored by people in the decoration and application of high-end hotels, high-end leisure clubs and villas.

As if being in a luxurious palace, it demonstrates the extraordinary taste and artistic accomplishment of the owner.

It is widely used as wall, floor, counterops, vanity tops, beautiful lines for door frame, background, column, stairs and so on. Most are polished, but honed, leather, antique, brush are workable.

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