Ottoman Beige Marble You Need to Know

Ottoman Beige Marble Slab is quarried from Turkey, which has become one of the most popular and stable beige marble in the world.

With a creamy beige background, fine texture, great hardness, high luminosity, and density, Ottoman Beige Marble is widely used in any project.

It has been varied from different quarries, including the JIECHENG QUARRY, WANGCHENG QUARRY, YUJIE QUARRY, LAOXIAO QUARRY, and QIAOBANA QUARRY, etc.

To be honest, the best Quarry of Ottoman Beige Marble is the JIECHENG QUARRY, which with the whitest and most transparent background, and the least ice cracks and white flower veins, its texture is close to the jade, highly appreciated in the High-end Hotel and villas.

Compare to the Ottoman Beige Marble(Jiecheng Quarry), the other quarries has a more beige background and bigger flower veinings, some may flow with less red&yellow lines in the surface.

We are Biggest Ottoman Beige Marble Supplier in China

We have supplied more than 40,000 sqm marble tiles for the Five-Star Hotel Project in Indonesia and have been recognized and appreciated by customers in the best quality and service.

Our company has cooperated with the Ottoman Beige Marble owners for serval years, which has more than 30,000 sqm slabs and 3000 tons blocks in stock, and there are about 3000 tons blocks(120 containers) arrived every month. Please feel free to contact us if any project or any need.

Ottoman Beige Marble Tiles

The Ottoman Beige Marble can be widely used in floor&wall tiles, the popular sizes are 300×300(12”x12”), 300×600(12”x24″‘), 600×600(24”x24”), we can also cut as your requirement, such as the bigger project size of 1500x800mm and 1400x700mm.

Before cutting, we would check all the sizes and drawings and confirm the standard with customers. Then our workers will use the CNC machine to cut every tile according to the confirmed size and drawing. Meanwhile, we will avoid some defects in the tiles to ensure quality for you.

Drylay and Inspection for Project

As the Ottoman Beige Marble is the natural stone, every block would have different colors and veining. Then how we ensure a similar color and veining for thousands of sizes of tiles for our customers? The most effective way is to do the dry laying.

Our experienced QC team will dry-laid every piece of the tile according to the drawing, and we will change some tiles with different colors, making it looks uniform of the same unit. At the same time, if there are some natural cracks on the surface, we will use special stone glue to fulfill all the cracks and make it do not have any touch feeling of every tile.

Marble Tiles Packing and Loading

After cutting and inspection, we pack all the tiles with strong wooden crates based on the same floor and area, which is easy for installation in the project site.

All the wooden crates we packed will be fumigated, and there is at least five plywood in the wooden sides, and all the crates corners will be reinforced by the Angle-iron, to make it arrive safely in the destination.

Instock Slabs Available

High resolution scanned photos for every piece slab in stock are available here, welcome to check!

Instock Slabs – Empire Beige Marble – 142.274m²142.274m², 52pcs
Instock Slabs – Empire Beige Marble – 200.798m²200.798m², 45pcs

Detail Specifications of Ottoman Beige Marble

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