More Useful Information About Paonazzo Marble

Paonazzo Marble is from Italy, it`s a particularly classical but stylish stone.

The celandine green and caramel veining chaotically intersperse on the ivory white background, looks like an aging painting, and a site of history and mystery.

The quarry of Paonazzo is also based in Carrara like the Calacatta Marble series, it`s rare and high-end, called Calocara A102 by the quarry owner.

Our factory has Paonazzo marble blocks and slabs in stock. Welcome to contact us.

This Video Shows Close-ups of Paonazzo Marble Slabs

Selections of Paonazzo Marble Slabs

We have stock slabs in 18mm & 20mm thick for selection, usually polished and honed. Surely the customized surface finishes are very welcome.

We cut new slabs from time to time to match various requirements of different slab patterns or styles, and custom thickness like 3cm is negotiable.

Free contact us for the latest slabs in stock!

Applications of Paonazzo Marble Tiles

Paonazzo Marble is an ideal natural stone for floorings, walls, as well as countertops, and vanity tops.

Our factory supply slabs, custom fabrication services like custom measurements, edge finish, and layout for checking the rendering.

We pay more attention to our quality control, having rich experience for commercial & residential buildings, public projects, and luxurious hotel projects.

Also we supply CAD drawing services according to your architectural drawings, sink cutouts, faucet cutouts, and other special requirements according to projects.

Let`s work together!

Detail Specifications of Paonazzo Marble

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