About Perla Venata Quartzite You Need to Know

Perla Venata Quartzite is a luxury natural quartzite from Brazil. Well known as Taj mahal quartzite too. Similar to white crystal background with jade-green veins, warm as jade, elegant and noble. Some of them with few gold veins.

  • Excellent light transmission, it is natural quartzite, but the background is similar to crystal. So it is popular for background and bar tops.
  • Very high hardness, Its Mohs hardness is as high as 8, which is higher than ordinary quartzite stone. That makes it very durable, has superior resistance to acid, and cleans easily. It is good for kitchen tops, vanity tops, stairs, interior wall and floor, backyard floor, and so on.
  • It is the most popular natural quartzite, widely used in various buildings.

Various Perla Venata Quartzite big slabs for selection

We always keep a big quantity of Perla Venata Quartzite big slabs in stock to meet international and local customers’ requirements.

  • Standard thickness: 1.8cm & 2.0cm. Customized thicknesses are welcome, we have big quantity blocks in stock.
  • Surface finished: Book-matched polished. If you like honed, leather, antique, brushes are workable to us.
  • Scan Image: We have the scan images for every piece of Perla Venata Quartzite, if you can’t come to our warehouse, select from the scan images that are the same, everything appears in the images very clear.

What we can do for you for projects and home decoration?

We not only have a showroom but also a factory, there is a professional team to serve you. Here are some projects for your reference.

  • Drawing technician: when we got your draft drawing or CAD drawing, our technician will refine the drawings, then confirm with you. After confirming, we will check it again, and then arrange the production.
  • Select material: When we have the size, we can select the most suitable size for customers to avoid the extra cost.
  • Production: We have a complete machine and professional team to do the production. We always mark where to cut first to avoid any mistake or waste, and if there is a special process, we always layout twice to make sure the process same as the drawing.
  • Packing: We always use the best packing materials to make sure strong enough when shipping.
  • Transportation: If you need us to arrange the shipping, it is ok. We have good experience in it.

I hope you can have a certain understanding of us and our products from the above information. If you are interested in it, don’t hesitate to contact us in your free.

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