More Useful Information About Revolution Quartzite

Revolution Quartzite is a red rose color natural stone from Brazil.  And the red background color with the white and grey wavy veins, making it alive and magical.

It is quite enough hard, the perfect material for kitchen countertops and bath vanity tops, suitable for Commercial, Residential, Interior, Walls, Balconies, Panels, Desks, Kitchen, Bathroom, Floors, Decoration, and Artwork.

Slabs, precut tiles, and countertops as well as vanity tops are available.

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Slabs Selections of Revolution Quartzite

We have stock slabs for selection, the polished and honed surface finish is available.

We usually cut 18mm-20mm thickness, custom thickness and surface finish are welcome if needed.

We cut new blocks from time to time to match various project requirements.

Contact us freely for further information about the stock information and slab price.

Detail Specifications of Revolution Quartzite

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