About Spanish Sandstone You Need to Know

Spanish Sandstone is a natural sandstone, sourced Spain. It is well known as Niwala White too. Warm color background with rich and gorgeous artistic texture.

In general, Spanish sandstone mainly has the following five characteristics:

1. Environmental protection and no radiation

Tested by authoritative research institutions, the radioactivity index is close to zero, which is a non-radiation safe green material, suitable for home decoration.

2. Sound absorption and sound insulation

Tested by authoritative research institutions, it has obvious sound-absorbing properties and is suitable for public places such as concert halls, halls, hotels, etc. It is a sound-absorbing material with dual functions of decoration and environmental protection at the same time.

3. Thermal insulation

Tested by authoritative research institutions, the thermal inertia index and thermal conductivity of Spanish sandstone meet the requirements of national thermal insulation material standards, which can effectively improve the thermal insulation capacity of building walls.

4. Anti-moisture and humidity control

In wet weather, sandstone will automatically absorb water vapor in the air, and its surface will not be dewy; in dry weather, it will release water vapor moderately to maintain the balance of humidity in the air, and it is a breathing decorative material.

5. Warm in winter and cool in summer

Compared with other stone materials, the temperature of Spanish sandstone is less affected by the external temperature difference. Whether it is hot or cold, its temperature is basically kept within the range that the human body is more comfortable with. It can be said that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very comfortable.

Spanish Sandstone Slabs List

Because of its features of non-reflective, no light pollution, no radiation, wear-resistant, light in weight, easy to process, between granite and marble in hardness, strong in engraving and good engraving performance, it is widely used for exterior wall.

Most slabs available are 23mm and 28mm thick, these two thickness are very popular for exterior wall. We usually use dry hanging for exterior walls.

It has certain requirements for the thickness of the stone. Thick enough to hold dry-hang accessories, but not too thick to prevent the wall from being too heavy.

Saw cut finish is the usual finish, retro and beautiful, won’t affect its features.

Villa Projects Reference

From the pictures of villas, you can see the Spanish Sandstone be widely used for wall, carved, liners, roman columns, regular columns, railings, decorative block, and so on. All necessary for a luxury house.

1.For the carve, all are sunken with framed, neat, restrained yet luxurious, complementing the villa. There are also protruding carvings, which are publicized, atmosphere, and have a unique flavor.

In order to make the carve more beautiful, the thickness requires at least 4.5cm thick will be better.

2.For the columns, there are a lot of types for choose. Roman columns, regular columns, solid, hollow, and so on.

3.For the decorative block, we can do the whole piece, or we can use the flat plate bonding.

Detail Specifications

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