More Information About Statuarietto Marble

Statuarietto Marble is one of the most famous white marble from Italy. This marble has a cold white color with busy thin veins and a few bold veins throughout the surface.

Its elegant appearance and good hardness allow it to be widely used for interior wall and floor decoration, like bathroom, kitchen, living room, hotel lobby, elevator, and fireplace.

What is the difference between Statuarietto Marble and Carrara Marble?

It is hard for many clients to distinguish Statuarietto and Carrara due to their similar appearance.

We would like to share two simple tips to distinguish them. One is different base colors, statuarietto has cold and cool white, but Carrara is more tend to warm white.

The other difference is veins type, the veinings of Statuarietto marble are always consistent and long, and sometimes with a few dramatic bold veins. However Carrara has more busy thin veins and grey dots, grey veins are not as clean and clear as the Statuarietto too.

Speaking of the price, Carrara marble is cheaper than Statuarietto marble. Normally for 1.8cm big slab, the factory price range of Carrara is from US$50 to US$90 per square meter due to different quality, and the Statuarietto is US$70 – US$130 per square meter.

What is the difference between Statuarietto Marble and Calacatta Marble?

It is easy to distinguish them. Calacatta Marble always has bold and less veinings, and its color is warm white. Calacatta Marble is more expensive luxious, the price of 1.8 cm big slabs is usually above US$300 and much higher.

Why do we choose Statuarietto Marble?

If you have limited budget for white marble and would like to have a better effect for your projects or home, Stauarietto is a perfect choice. Its price is moderate but also with good and luxurious looking. Calacatta is luxious but way too expensive,  Carrara is cheaper but the texture and looking are not as good as Statuarietto.

This Video show How to Dry-lay Statuarietto Marble Tiles

Statuarietto Marble Tiles for Floor

It is strong enough to be used for vanity tops, island tops, countertops, floor tiles and wall tiles.

Surface Finishing: polished, honed, brushed, acid, and sandblasted.

Thickness: 1.8 cm in stock. 2 cm, 3 cm, and other thicknesses can be also customized cutting.

All slabs are book-matching polished.

What do we do for Statuarietto Marble Tiles for projects

For projects, we will offer shop drawings according to the clients’ architectural drawings.

When all details are confirmed, we will select suitable slabs to cut based on the shop drawings.

The most important job is to pre-layout the tiles on the floor after cutting. The job ensures that the type and color of tiles in one area are harmonious and look good.

Then we label every piece of tiles for easier installation.

In the end, we will have all tiles sealed with white marble waterproof sealers and pack them.

Statuarietto Marble Mosaics and Wall Tiles

We also cut 1 cm mosaic tiles and thicker wall tiles for bathroom walls, elevator frames, and fireplaces.

The surface can be honed, curved, or as your requirements. The honed surface is highly recommended to be used for wall mosaics, the color of honed Statuarietto Marble is much whiter than the polished surface, which makes the marble look elegant and gorgeous.

Detail Specifications of Statuarietto Marble

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