About Via Lactea Granite Countertops You Need to Know

Via Lactea Granite is a black stone quarried in Brazil, has an iron black color with snowy white veins throughout the surface. It is a good choice for indoor and outdoor use, like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and walls.

There are two quarries which color is the same and vein types are a little different. The old quarry one is with short white break veinings on the surface, seems like falling snow, while the new quarry one has diagonal white veinings.

Is it suitable for the outdoor wall tiles?

Yes, it is durable and has strong enough hardness. We would suggest to use 2.5 cm to 3 cm for exterior walls. Polished, honed and flamed surface is recommended.

What is the price of Via Lactea Granite Countertops?

This is a medium-price stone. It depends on the size, thickness and labor cost of the countertops. The price of 2 cm polished top is around $65 – $90 per square meters.

What surfaces can be used for countertops and vanity tops?

We suggest to use polished, honed and leather finishing surface for them. The tops looks antique and veins are outstanding with a leather surface. Of course, the cost is higher than polished or honed surface.

Brazil Via Lactea Granite Countertops and Vanity Tops

Old quarry and new quarry vein types are both available here. The new color is a little bit cheaper than the old one.

We process the prefab countertops and vanity tops with pre-drilled faucet holes, sink cutouts, and edge polishing. If you need hardware for installation, we can also supply them at your request.

Surface finishing: polished, honed, leather finishing, etc.

Edge Finishing: eased edges, beveled edges, miter edges, full bullnose edges, half-round edge, etc.

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm, 3/4″, 1 1/2″, etc.

Chinese Via Lactea Stone – QUARRY 1

This is the one from China. Due to its nice black color and snowy veins, some clients would choose this color for projects and wholesale. It looks quite similar to the Brazilian Via Lactea Granite, but the price is a little better. It is also suitable for outdoor walls.

Chinese Via Lactea Stone – QUARRY 2

This is another quarry in China. Different from the above three colors, its veins are bold and casual which more like a wild river and make your kitchens unique. What’s more, the price is the best.

Detail Specifications of Via Lactea Granite

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