Today, let us show the vanity tops countertops fabrication processing. Sure, we need workout shop drawing firstly according to your architectural drawings. Then we can start processing vanity tops or coutertops.

Countertops Fabrication List

  • Slab Selection
    Slab Selection
  • Cut-to-Size
    Countertop cut to size
  • Drill Faucet Hole
    Drill Faucet
  • CNC Cut Out
    Drill Anchor HoleCNC for Sink Hole
  • Install Steel Bar and Anchor Nut
    Groove Line for Steel Bar
  • Edge Polishing
    Edge Polishing
  • Inspection and Packing
    Inspection and Packing

We specialize in Kitchen Countertops/Worktops, Vanity Tops, Bar Tops, Island Tops,Table Tops, Front Counter Desks and Window Sills for Commercial & Residential projects, such as hotel, hospital, apartment, etc. We have a variety of Granite, Marble, Quartz colors for your selection. Should you have any inquiry, pls contact us freely.