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Solid agate stone and agate stone with glass backing both have good light transmission, mostly used for vanity top, table top, TV wall, etc. However, stone backing agate can be used for kitchen tops.

If you need to use it for kitchen countertops, you can choose agate with backing. If your budget is enough and you want to use it as a bar counter or a background wall, it is recommended to choose solid agate.

It has a more gorgeous color when backlit by LED. We have various colors of agate slabs to choose from, such as white agate, blue agate, green agate, coffee agate, Uruguay agate, etc.

Agate Stone Marble List for Your Choices

About Agate Stone You Need to Know

What is the agate stone? How it does look like?

Agate stone, also known as semi-precious stone or gemstone, is one of the chalcedony minerals.

The main component is silicon dioxide, which essentially is quartzite. It forms a rich structure and colorful appearance with opal and cryptocrystalline quartz.

So you don’t have to worry about the agate stone not being easy to take care of, it is easy to clean with a soft cloth.

The most common structure is the concentric circle. The colors can range from very light to dark, such as white, brown, red, yellow, green.

Agate stone has good hardness (6-7 Mohs Hardness) and scratch resistance, the density is around 2.65kg/CBM.

We supply blue agate slab, white agate slab, brown agate slab, black agate slab, red agate slab, yellow agate slab and so on.

Have you ever been curious about how agate is formed?

Agate is an ancient stone. About 100 million years ago, magma under the ground spewed out due to the changes in the earth’s crust, which is called Lava.

When the lava cooled, vapor and other gases formed bubbles. Bubbles are sealed when the rock froze, forming many holes.

As time went by, the silica-containing solution penetrated into the hole, and condense into silica gel.

Then the fusible substance with the iron-containing rock entered the silica gel, and finally, the silica crystallizes turned into agate stone.

Agate stone lobby Design

What are the types of agate slabs we process?

There are three types of agate stone slabs. Solid Agate Stone, Agate Stone with glass backing, and Agate stone with stone backing. Solid agate is made of agate slices and glue, which can transmit light.

Agate with glass retains the light transmittance of agate. Agate with other stone packing does not have light transmittance, but it strengthens the hardness of the slab.

The regular size is 244cm x 122cm (96” x 48” ), other sizes can also be customized. The thickness of solid agate stone is 20mm.

The other two are 5mm agate with 15mm glass and 5mm agate with 18mm or thicker stone backing.

What is the price of an agate stone slab?

The price of the solid agate is the most expensive of the three, ranging from $480/sqm to $800/sqm depends on different colors.

5mm Agate Stone with backing is about $50 cheaper.

Agate Bathtoom Design with light backlit (1)

In addition to agate, what semi-precious stones are available?

Amethyst Crystal, White Crystal, Pink Crystal, Tiger Slab, Green Malachite Slab, Blue Sodalite Slab, Lapis Lazuli Slab, Red Chalcedony Slab, etc. Welcome to contact us.

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