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Sintered Stone is made of natural materials such as silica, inorganic clay, feldspar powder, etc., pressed by a press machine with more than 10,000 tons pressure.

The veins on surface is generated by the unique high-definition inkjet technology and special surface treatment technique.

It is a brand new material sintered in a temperature-controlled kiln at a high temperature of 1200 degrees for 150 minutes.

Sintered Stone Slabs for Countertops
Calacatta Sintered Stone Slabs

Advantages of Sintered Stone

As a brand new material, sintered stone has 8 advantages compared with other traditional materials:

Application Case

It must be pointed out that ceramic slabs ≠ sintered stone. Factories that can produce ceramic slabs may not be able to produce sintered stone. Compared with ceramic slabs, sintered stone can be drilled, polished,cut more easily, and are suitable for making various shapes. Although the ceramic slabs looks similar to sintered stones, there are certain differences in material properties and functions.

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