Stone wax is a water-soluble material. It will produce a protective film on the surface after being polished with wax. Stone polished with waxing can make the stone brighter.

In this way, it can not only improve the brightness of the stone but also can protect the stones well. Polished with Waxing for stone is one of the most commonly used methods to maintaining stone floors in the hotel.

Now, I will introduce to you 3 tips about stone waxing detail.

Some experience

However, as said by some experts that polished with waxing for stone is not workable sometimes. The wax is an airtight sealant, and the water and moisture can not penetrate the stone interior after being polished with it, which can prevent pollution to a certain extent, but the moisture inside the stone can not be emitted due to the influence of the sealing wax.

As time goes by, the water vapor accumulated inside will change stone texture; In addition, the wax will affect the color of the stone, damage the surface of the stone and shorten the life of the stone.

  • step 1.Clean up and dry the stone
  • step 2.Use the sponge to cover the stone with wax
  • step 3.Make the wax dry, about 1 hour later
  • step 4.Polish the stone with gloves or mops

Steps of Waxing Polished

Tip 1: The stone selections and the reasonable arrangement of maintenance time

  We found that some stones turn yellow for a long time. In fact, in addition to the stone feature itself, some of these yellowish is caused by the unreasonable use of stone wax.

Nowadays, there are many types of stone waxes sold in the market, and it is difficult for consumers to choose the suitable wax, so sometimes the stone waxes they choose do not meet the requirements and make it worse. Therefore, to avoid improper use of stone wax, many people propose not to use stone wax for maintenance.

However, many people think it is necessary because it can make the stone brighter after being polished with waxing, and can also minimize the abrasion of the stone. But for the hotels, aisles, and corridors, these places should still pay attention to the selection of stone wax and the schedule of maintenance.

Stone Wax - you can buy it in store

Tip 2: About chemical analysis

  It must use the stone wax reasonably and scientifically if it contains acid and alkaline substances. As we know that some stones will be corroded by acid and alkali materials.

And some water-based stone waxes contain acid and alkali substances, which will damage the stone’s integrity on the surface and even to the internal structure of the stone. Therefore, we suggest not using such acid-base wax for the stones.

And nowadays there is a test paper for the stone wax to test if it has the acid and alkali content of the stone wax. We can test it and choose a suitable one for waxing.

Stone Polished with Wax in Workshop

Tip 3: Buy the right wax

  Sometimes the stones might have been contaminated and stained as not using the stone wax correctly. As we all know that there are natural tiny holes for the stone, and will be polluted easily if the wax.

Therefore, it is better not to buy the stone wax that contains pigment, or we can make the waterproof sealer for the stone first, to avoid pollutions.