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The every marble slab or tile has the unique veins in the world, as a popular material in the application of luxury decoration

The Marble Slabs for Wholesale

We have 50,000 square meters of marble stock, including white, black, gray, brown, green, and blue series and so on. Common slab thickness is 1.8cm, 2.0cm, if you need a thickness of 3.0cm, please contact us, we will arrange marble block customization.

About the price, since we are the largest marble manufacturer in China, our price is the most reasonable and is the direct factory wholesale price.

About the quality, we always guarantee our highest quality to ensure that we are in a competitive position in the global market.

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The Marble Blocks for Wholesale

We have many available marble blocks from worldwide quarries, those mainly from Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, Germany, the United States and so on.

We also exploit the marble quarry in China. For example, the White wooden marble in Guizhou, Guangxi Nero Marquina marble in Guangxi, etc. Expect to cut those blocks, we also sell them.

If you need those marble blocks, feel free to send your requirements, such as colour and size. We will quote you as soon as possible.

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We Provide Project Customized Services of Marble Stone

Marble stone can be processed into various products and used in many places in architecture and design, such as floors, walls, countertops, stairs, decorations, etc.

As the most leading marble manufacturer in China, we have advanced machines and skilled workers who can customize marble products for you, send your drawings, and we can help you achieve it.

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