Nano Stone Marble


The nano stone marble is a new type of high-level decoration material.It is denved from natural inorganic material through a high temperature process,and it possesses excellent charactenstics including the following.

High Glossiness

Our material has not only a special crystallized structure, but aiso a specicial glass matrix structure. Its surtace is crystal and bright. And It can prociuce a diffusive reflection effect for absorbing light.

High Wear Resistance

The molecular micro-grain size reaches nanometer level. Fibrous crystar moiecular structure achieces excellent matenals with high compressive strength which is easy for edge design and processing, such as circutar cutting.dnlling.sculpture and 45 degree cutting.

Hot Bendable

Crystallized glass stone can be made into vartious curved shapes by heating method. It has the advantages of simple process and reasonabte cost, avolding the disadvantages of normal stones such as difficulies in curved shaping, longer processing time and much materiats waste etc.

Good Temperature Resistance

Nano crystallized glass can withstand the temperature range from -18℃ to 800℃ without any effects on the structure, color and shape.

Acid Alkali Resistance

Resistance it has extremeiy high corrosion resistance and alkali resistance, the color will not fade off, strength stays same after a long peniod.

Zero Water Absorption

The water absorption rate is 0.004%, almost zero water absorption. Oil, liquid, stains and other liquids will not penetrate into the interior. No dirt absorption, which makes iteasy and convenient be cleaned.

Production Process of Nano Stone

Natural stone is made up of Volcanic eruptions, underground hot lava spilling, confluence, after hundreds of millions of years of precipitation, cooling, solidification, and crystallization. According to the growth pattern of natural stone. The factory realizes the stone with the same internal crystal structure as natural stone within three days through independent research and development of high-tech production technology, shortening the growth cycle of stone for hundreds of millions of years and forming better performance than natural stone. It is made up of a variety of inorganic mineral raw materials and some chemical raw materials: quartz, feldspar. calcite, zinc oxide, soda ash, sodium fluosilicate, sodium nitrate, borax, arsenic trioxide, aluminum oxide, dolomite, etc.

Preparation process: The mixture is subjected to a high temperature of a mate than 1600 degrees to form a jade solution, which is continuously rolled from the calendering nip of the kith by a calendering nip of the kiln by a calendaring roll, so that the flowing jade liquid is rapidly formed. It is brought into the crystallization kiln through the driving roller, and the crystal is nucleated and crystallized to form a network molecular structure, which is quenched to form the original plate.

By using multi-phase controlled crystallization technology, the deformation resistance of the material is reduced and the wettability of reinforced powder polymer and matrix is improved. The impact toughness reaches 4.4kj/m2, the fracture toughness reaches 1.87, and the bending strength reaches 75.3Mpa. It can be Used for hot bending special-shaped molding, breaking through the processing restrictions. Furthermore, it can be re-polished and used for a longer time.

While the original textures of precious natural atone materials are respected, artistic patterns are also incorporated into the 3D inkjet printing nano crystallized products, to create a lifelike artistical air, extreme sense of texture and visual experience.We introduced 3D inkjet printing technology from Italy. The products have clear texture and highly varied patterns, which are customized according to customers′needs.

Application Case

The customized surface texture is available

Statuario or Calacatta Nano Slab Size: 2800*1500/1600*18mm

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