Grey Marble Tiles with Direct Factory Price

We provide a one-stop solution for grey marble tiles in stone projects and wholesale. We will import stone blocks from the world such as Italy or Turkey etc, and through the selection and comparison of materials, we will select the most suitable marble code to produce the marble tiles. We have a large inventory of regular sizes, and we also accept customized services in a variety of sizes.

Grey Marble Tiles

Our Gray Marble Tiles Has High Quality

Our products serve customers all over the world, and our quality is trustworthy. The factory will strictly control the quality during the processing. The marble tiles production process is as follows:

1. Cut to Slabs

If it is to produce 1.5cm or 1.8cm thickness marble tiles, we will cut into 1.5cm or 1.8cm thickness marble slabs; if it is to produce 1cm slabs, it will be cut into 2.4 thick slabs.

the 1cm slab easy break, so must cut to 2.4cm thickness

2. Surface Processing

The two most popular surfaces are polished and honed, polished tiles are mainly used in the lobby, corridors, stairs, etc, and the honed tiles are mainly used in the bathroom, shower room, etc.

3. Cut to Size

The 3rd step is the cut to size. The most popular size is 12×12 inch, 12×24 inch, or 24×24 inch. If it is a 1cm thin plate, we need to add a step, which is to cut the cross section to make the 2.4cm thickness tile into two 1cm thickness tiles.

4. Packing

According to the needs of different customers, we have two types of packaging. If it is 1.5 or 1.8cm thick tiles, it is packed in the crate. two types of packaging for marble tile
If it is a 1cm thickness tiles, first pack it in a carton, then pack the carton into the crate. During the packaging process, our QC will rigorously inspect each piece to ensure that each piece is a high-quality product.

The Tiles Installation

Grey Marble Tiles are usually installed on the floor and walls, such as bathrooms, showers room, bedrooms, lobby, etc. About the more installation info, you can watch a video on youtube.