The feature of Amazon Purple Marble

Amazon Purple Marble, a purple marble from French quarry. Purple background with irregular white veins, extend to the whole surface, give you the feeling of natural beauty.

High light transmittance, even the 1.8cm thick marble can pass through light well. It can be used as backlit marble and ordinary marble.

Where to use?

Because of the high light transmittance, it is widely used in the background wall and bar. And it also can be used in the counter tops, vanity tops, stairs, wall, floor and so on.

What we can do for you?

1.For wholesale, we have 1.8cm big slabs in stock which with high-definition scan images of per piece for your reference. You don’t need to worry about the different color inside. Book match polished, can be used in background wall directly.
And we have blocks in stock, we can cut it at any thickness you like.

2.For projects, we can provide you design, production, transportation and so on.

Detail Specifications

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