More Information About Audacia Quartzite

Audacia Quartzite is quarried in Brazil. It appears with a light greenish-grey color, green strips, and green shades. The fresh green veinings and neutral color make it suitable for a wide range of decorative applications, such as kitchen, bathroom, lobby, and living room.

How much is Audacia Quartzite?

The price range of 1.8 cm big slabs is $100 to $130 per square meter depending on the slab quality. Please feel free to contact us to get the price.

Why choose it?

Audacia Quartzite is durable, strong and resonable price.

This is a video of Audacia Quartzite Slabs

Audacia Quartzite Big Slabs

Our Audacia Quartzite slabs in stock are large and book-matched polished. Its texture is strong and stable without fissures and cracks, only some slabs may have slight beige or yellow veins on the surface. This can be used for countertops, vanity tops, floor tiles, wall tiles, and stairs.

Surface Finishing: polished, honed, leather, or as per your requirements. Honed and polished surfaces are recommended.

Slab Size: L(2700 mm to 3200 mm) x H(1600 mm to 2000 mm)

Slab thickness: 1.8 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, we can also customize cutting the thickness, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Book-matched: Yes.

Audacia Quartzite Products

We can fabricate Audacia quartzite countertops, vanity tops, worktops, floor tiles, and wall tiles. When cutting the slabs,  the blade should be sharp enough due to its strong hardness.

For countertops and vanity tops, we do the jobs of sink cutouts, faucet holes, edge polishing, and anchor holes as per your drawing. Integrated vanity tops with aprons also can be made.

For floor and wall tiles, we would make drawings to show how the slabs will be cut, and then cut them according to the drawings. In this way, we can make sure the tiles with book-matched or continuous veinings.

Edges: eased edges, chamfered edges, beveled edges, 45 degrees mitered edges, bullnose edges, etc.

Detail Specifications of Audacia Quartzite

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