About Black Marinace Granite You Need to Know

Black Marinace Granite is one of the best hardness and least porous granite that originates from Brazil. It also named Black Mosaic Granite. Formed of black base color with grey & white pebbles, this chic and unique granite shows a style just like cobblestones at the base of river beds. It’s a combination of cool and modern taste and perfects for any interior or exterior decoration.


Some Questions You May Concern About


1.Great Hardness
Born on millennial ago and from the internal of earth contribute Black Marinace Granite great hardness. It can withstand even in freezing temperature areas, fire, and heat.

2.Chic And Elegant Style
Depending on the glacial erosion, this disorder Grey-white cobbles in black-grey groundmass stone is formed naturally. Which is unique and chic for any application.

3.High Stain Resistance
The black basecolor is fashionable and will not be out of date, besides, it is easy to maintain and clean.


Thanks to all the above advantages, Black Marinace granite is ideal for any indoor or outdoor installation or remodel.

It can apply in wall & floor tiles for its unique style;
kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity for great hardness, high stain resistance of stain and easy to clean;
garden pavers or pool bar for the extreme temperature withstand.

Black Marinace Granite Slab

Available in 18 mm, 20mm, and 30mm thicknesses with good polished and honed surface slabs in stock for your selection. Our factory cut from blocks regularly and have sufficient to support your continuous needs. The special thickness and surface finishing are also available according to your requirements.

Thousands of petrified pebbles in every size and color are highlighted on a homogenously colored groundmass. It’s extremely good for wall & floor tiles, pavers, countertops, or bars, etc.

Choose this granite to decorate your house or the project will look gorgeous and impressive, which will definitely be outstanding above the normal.

Welcome to contact us for more beautiful slabs.

Detail Specifications of Black Marinace Granite

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