More Information About Camouflage Marble

Camouflage Marble from Italy is a strong stone with dramatic camouflage veinings, background colors vary from grey tones to brown tones with dramatic and outstanding veins. Its strong hardness and good texture allow it to be used for countertops, vanity tops, table tops, reception counters, wall panels, bathroom tiles, stairs, etc.

Can Camouflage Marble be used for kitchen countertops?

Yes, it is hard and durable, a good choice for kitchen countertops.

What is the price of Camouflage Marble?

The price of grey base color one is higher, ranging from US$115 to US$139 per square meters for 1.8 cm slab. And the brown one is cheaper.

The final price is based on the quantity and slab quality. You are weleome to contact us to get the specific quotation.

White Camouflage Marble Slab with grey veins

Camouflage White Marble has a greyish-white color with grey and black wavy veins throughout the surface, which looks like a camouflage uniform.

Our slabs are all book-matched polishing and large, and veins always vary making each block unique. Please feel free to contact us to select the slabs for your home or projects.

Camouflage Marble Slab with brown veins

We also call this as Caledonia D-Brown Marble. It has bold white, light brown, and dark brown wavy veins on the surface. The Brown Camouflage marble slab brings a retro and elegant tone to your space.

Please feel free to contact us to get more information of Camouflage Marble Slabs.

Camouflage Marble Projects

Camouflage Marble is quite suitable for wall tiles, floor tiles, countertops, and stairs. Honed and Polished surfaces are both highly recommended.

If you prefer a modern style, you can choose the greyish-white base color. And if you prefer a retro style, brown color is a better choice.

For countertops and vanity tops, we can fabricate them with finished edge polishing, sink cutouts, and anchor holes.

For tiles, we would select suitable slabs and cut them into specific sizes according to your requirements. We also do dry layout jobs to make sure that the veins are continuous or book-matched.

Detail Specifications of Camouflage Marble

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