Azul Bahia Granite Slabs

Azul Bahia Granite Stone origin from Brazil. With stunning looking, its background is blue color, and some slabs will less blue and more green. It is a kind blue sodalite stone. From the following pictures, you can find it is very beautiful for flooring and wall decoration. This stone is very nice for luxurious house decoration.

Stone Application

It also can be fabricated for kitchen countertops and vanity tops. Our inventory slabs are 1.8cm thickness. We also have blocks in stock, so 2cm, 3cm thickness slabs are also available. The normal surface is polished, honed and flamed surface are also available.

Blue Bahia Compare with Azul Infinito

We have another blue granite stone – Azul Infinito. It is the most stable natural blue granite in the world, also blue stone is like a flying elfin space. The stone texture of Azul Infinito and Azul Bahia are very similar, both can be used the flooring tile, kitchen countertop, stone mosaic etc. About the price, the Azul Infinito is a better choice for projects or wholesale.

Azul Infinito Granite

Azul Infinito Stone Table Top

Azul Infinito in 2019 Xaimen Fair

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Fulei Stone has specialized in processing stone products since 1996, With Experienced Workers, Efficient Management Team, Independent Quality Control Team and Abundant Stone Project Experiences. Our main products have natural granite, marble, artificial quartz, etc. We have supplied many stone materials for the worldwide projects, such as 2014 Sochi Olympic Gym, Viceroy Hotel in Dubai, etc.

Detail Specifications of Azul Bahia Granite

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