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Natural Fusion Quartzite Granite Slabs originates from Brazil. It has gorgeous green and colors, veins are like a waterfall and Chinese silk, so it is also called Silk Road in China.

Because it is natural quartzite, the quality is very very good, very nice for countertops and vanity top. And with the beautiful veins, they are also widely used for wall decoration.

From the following pictures, you can find it is very beautiful for wall cladding, kitchen countertop, and bathroom vanity top. This stone is very nice for luxurious house decoration. Our inventory slabs are 2.0cm in thickness.

We also have blocks in stock, so 2cm, 3cm thickness slabs are also available. The normal surface is polished, honed, and flamed surfaces are also available. If you need this Fusion Quartzite, welcome to contact us freely.

Different Kinds of Fusion Quartzite Slabs

Our inventory slabs for Fusion Quartzite are in 18mm and 20mm thickness, the biggest slab size can be 320 x 200 cm, most slabs are without crack lines.

For the Fusion Quartzite, there are some different kinds, some are in yellow veins with red or white lines and veins, some are in blue background color with dark and white veins or spots, some are mixed with yellow and dark colors, there is always one that can meet your requirements, share us your ideal one, and we will supply for you.

Finished Products of Fusion Quartzite

We can cut to size at customers’ request, we can select the ideal slabs for you, and if the size can be determined by the slab size, that will save much cost for you, if just cut four edges of the big slabs, this will save much cost, too, but it has high requirements for installation technology, Indonesia customers like this so much.

If veins matching is necessary for you, dry laying should be done, this will add to your budget, but it will help to build a gorgeous home and save much time when installation. Some customers like the mixed style, then dry laying is unnecessary.

After dry laying, we will stick the labels on the top left side of the tiles, the workers can install them according to the labels and drawing.

Most Fusion Quartzite slabs will have mesh on the backside to protect them, before installation, the mesh should be removed very carefully.

After installation, clean the surface of the tiles and do the waterproof again because the natural stone is porous.

We can do various kinds of edges polishing for skirtings, stairs, countertops, vanity tops, etc.

Instock Slabs Available

High resolution scanned photos for every piece slab in stock are available here, welcome to check!

Instock Slabs – Fusion Quartzite -Bookmatched- 168.427m²168.427m², 26pcs

Detail Specifications of Fusion Quartzite Granite

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