Green Marble Slabs Supplier in China

This Green Marble is quarried from China, also known as Green Jade Marble.  It is widely used for luxury interior decoration, making it unique and classic for your space.

The Green Marble Slab is delicate, moist, bright, natural, and transparent, which is based on the luxurious and elegant green color, with the black, grey & white cloudy veinings distributed.

There are two different types of this Green Marble, one is emerald green, which is like a vast galaxy, elegant, natural, smart, and free. Decorating a simple implicit and elegant living space. The second one is with dark green, the green and ink veinings have combined perfectly, creating a beautiful painting. It is also with two different types of veinings, one is with diagonals veinings and another is with random veinings.

The unique texture of this Green Jade Marble is what endowed beauty by nature, which creates a comfortable space that full of greenery. It can be used in Chinese architecture type, European type, and modern styles to evoke people’s feeling to the natural environment for sunlight, air, and water.

We have a large quantity of 18mm slabs &blocks in stock, and can also cut with customized thickness, sizes, and other forms as your requirements.

Any needs or project inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chinese Green Marble Slabs Applications

This Green Marble Slab is widely used for luxury interior decorations, such as the floor&wall tiles, TV Panels, stairs, as well as the countertops&vanity tops.

With its fresh colors and natural textures, the Green Jade Marble is fashionable and noble, which makes people eye-catching and gives us unlimited imagination.

Detail Specifications of Green Marble Slabs

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