Ice White Onyx Slab with Good Price

Ice White Onyx Slab is a natural white onyx comes from Myanmar, which is highly appreciated for its translucent texture and elegant appearance.

It is widely used for interior decoration, as flooring & wall cladding, background, staircase, etc.  Stock in 1.8 cm slab with polished finishing, customized sizes are also available.

Established in 1996, Fulei Stone specializes in the business of marble and granite for over 20 years, which always provide credible quality and sincere services.

Our products sell well at home and abroad, which has supplied products to various kinds of International project. Such as  172 Madison Avenue Luxury Condominium in New York and Sochi Olympic Gym project in Russia. About the Ice white onyx slab, please contact me for more details.

Ice White Onyx Slab You Need to Know

Ice White Onyx Slab is an elegant onyx stone quarried from Myanmar.

We have more than 5000 sqm slabs and around 3000 tons blocks in stock, can get 45000 sqm slabs from the stock blocks.

This material has a translucent texture and great hardness, which is ideally used for wall decoration, bathrooms, and vanity tops, etc.

There are some grey spots and shades distributed in the surface, but can be avoided more if cut into sizes.

The Ice White Onyx is a natural stone, some may have more or less cracks, but will not have any touch feeling after be filled with epoxy.

The cracks with epoxy will become dark for absorbing the dust for a long time, so we suggest not using this material for floor decoration.

Snow White Onyx Slab

The Snow White Onyx comes from Iran quarry, featuring a milky white background with some yellow veinings.

This material has translucent and exquisite texture, high density, and some beautiful “ice-cracks”,  which is graceful and standing like Snow White Princess,  always attracting people’s attention.

The Snow White Onyx is highly appreciated in luxury interior decoration for the living room, dining room, tea room, bathroom, porch, including the floor&wall tiles, countertops, vanity tops, railings, pillars, handrails, reliefs, staircases, etc.

Especially for the Vanity Tops,  Its transparent and delicate texture perfectly demonstrates the noble and elegant temperament of the owner.

Onyx is originally made for jewelry, and the use of onyx to create sanitary products is even more visible and luxurious!

We have many blocks and slabs in stock for your choosing, if any interest please feel free to contact us.

Ivory Onyx Slab for Wholesale

Ivory Onyx is quarried from Turkey, which has an elegant and translucent background with straight veining running through.

One or two stripes across the entire onyx stone are common, but such large-scale and regular stripes along this stone are rare.

Its veinings give the breath of the white onyx and make us amazed at the marvelous of the supernatural craftsmanship of the creator.

The Ivory Onyx can be widely used in interior decoration, such as the floor&wall tiles, countertops, vanity tops, staircases, which is especially highly appreciated in book-matched&backlit background decoration,  etc.

We have more than 1000 tons blocks and slabs in stock for your choosing, welcome to contact if any need.

Red Line White Onyx

The Red Line White Onyx is an elegant natural stone quarried from Iran. Based on a creamy white background, crisscrossed with some red and grey lines, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere for your home. It is ideally used for bathrooms, wall decoration, TV panels, and vanity tops, etc.

We have many 15mm thickness slabs &blocks in stock, please feel free to contact us if any needs.

Instock Slabs Available

High resolution scanned photos for every piece slab in stock are available here, welcome to check!

Instock Slabs – Snow White Onyx – 266.431m²266.431m², 42pcs

Detail Specifications of Ice White Onyx

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