About Matrix Granite You Need to Know

Matrix Granite is a charming granite with shinning silver-grey swirling textures that originated from Brazil.

It’s texture just like the liquid silver, shimmering, vivid, and amazing. The unique characteristics present a modish and majestic feeling to this natural stone.

If you have no idea in choosing the right stone decoration material for your house and project, Matrix Granite would undoubtedly be it.

Thanks to its exquisite looking, solid hardness, Matrix Granite is widely used for countertop, wall & floor tile, backsplash, mosaic, etc.

Surface Finishings of Matrix Granite

The popular surface finishing of Matrix Granite is polished and antiqued.

Polished Surface

Matrix Granite processed in this finishing is quite glazed, cause it has been polished for maximum smoothness and perfectly sealed. This surface has good stain resistance.

Antiqued Surface

The textures and color become more vivid and shinning when Matrix Granite processed in an antique surface. And this brings a matt and aged appearance for this stone.

Matrix Granite Polished Surface
Polisehd Surface
Matrix Granite Antique Surface
Antiqued Surface

For Matrix Granite, What We Can Provide For You

Available in 18mm, 20mm, and 30mm thicknesses Matrix Granite slabs with polished, honed, and antiqued surface to satisfy your various house and project requirements.

We can also cut into finished products like tile, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, stair, mosaic tile, etc according to your needs.

Moreover, our factory can help to offer tile layout, waterproof measures, edge & sink cutting, labels sticking services to you.

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Detail Specifications of Matrix Granite

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