About Super White Marble Slabs You Need to Know

Super White Marble Slabs is from Brazil quarry, with a chic grey marble-looking and amazing granite durability, which is highly appreciated by the house owner and designer for the countertop. Stocked in 18mm, 20mm, and 30mm thickness.

The slabs with polished & honed surface finish are available. Custom thickness and measurements are very welcome. Free contact us if any requirements for Super Whtie Marble Slabs, as well as tiles.

Another Choice of Super White Marble

This is another choice of Super White, also from Brazil.

The quarry of this one is close to the above one, about 30 kilometers far, and both two Super White are similar for the material quality.

However, the veining of this one is more eye-catching making the slabs alive, and the grey shadow will be a little bit darker. A nice choice for countertop and vanity tops as the pictures show.

Contact us for more information.

Detail Specifications of Super White Quartzite Marble

If you need more detail about this marble, welcome to download the datasheet.

Instock Slabs Available

High resolution scanned photos for every piece slab in stock are available here, welcome to check!

Instock Slabs – Super White Quartzite – Bookmatched – 476.212m²476.212m², 94pcs
Instock Slabs – Super White Quartzite – Bookmatched – 247.232m²247.232m², 41pcs
Instock Slabs – Super White Quartzite – Bookmatched – 352.352m²352.352m², 84pcs
Instock Slabs – Super White Quartzite – Bookmatched – 394.495m²394.495m², 83pcs
Instock Slabs – Super White Quartzite – 163.89m²163.89m², 32pcs
Instock Slabs – Super White Quartzite – 364.257m²364.257m², 80pcs

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