About Nestos Grey Marble You Need to Know

Nestos Grey Marble is a natural wooden marble, sourced Greece. White grey background, the natural wood grain pattern is evenly distributed, and its appearance is simple and elegant.

We have big quantity 1.8cm big slabs in stock, they are book-matched finished. The slabs now in stock are same as the pictures.

Two Colors of Nestos Grey Marble

Unlike other materials, each layer of it will have certain changes.

Sometimes blue background, sometimes pink background.

Which color is in stock based on the time what color the mine mined. It’s like opening a blind box.

Both of them are elegant and beautiful, as you like.

You can find their different from the pictures as attached.

Countertops Reference

Because of its hardness and the elegant veins, it is very popular for countertops.

Here are some countertops, vanity tops we have done for your reference.

They are regular design for projects. Customized size and design are welcome.

Engineered size for projects.

Its white grey color makes it can be used for big area, and the straight veins can get a good effect from book-matched and end-matched.

1.For background, look at the background. How about your feeling?
The background color and texture and the round shape design are completely natural as if the clouds are quietly set off the moon in the night sky.

2.Look at the bathroom wall and floor, Simple and elegant, it is both pleasing and relaxing.

Projects and home decorate are welcome, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Detail Specifications

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