About Onyx Travertine You Need to Know

Onyx Travertine is a kind of multicolor travertine that originates from Pakistan.

Famous for its appealing light beige and brown background with the straight continuous veins, Onyx Travertine presents a sense of elegance and fantasy to any design project.

Most slabs are vein cut with polished and honed surface, but if you need cross-cut slabs and other surface finishings, we can also do at your request.

Onyx Travertine not only has durable features like the most travertines but also possesses the backlit characteristic of conventional onyx.

The unique translucent strength of this travertine generates a particularly exquisite effect of light, shadow, and color with an attractive aesthetic effect.

The good sound & heat insulation makes Onyx Travertine become excellent building material.

This natural travertine is widely used for tile, kitchen backsplash, garden and pool paver, interior wall, exterior cladding, mosaic tile, and other design projects.

Thanks to this high cost- performance advantage, this stone remains the overwhelming choice of designers and project architects.

For Onyx Travertine, What We Can Provide For You

We have sufficient slabs available in 18mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses to fulfill your different project needs.

Besides, our factory can also cut into tile, backsplash, paver, stair, mosaic tile and other finished products at your requirements.

We provide a series of services like tile layout, waterproof application, edge finish, stick labels, etc.

Welcome to contact us for more professional advice and guidance.

Detail Specifications of Onyx Travertine

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