More Useful Information About Sequoia Brown Marble

Sequoia Brown is quite distinctive and inspiring stone, it`s a striated appearance marble material.

Overall, it`s the brown color and few black veins in it. It looks like wood grain and the tree’s bark, especially the brushed finish, closed to the real wooden tiles but giving a sense of spirituality.

Our factory has stable abilities to supply Sequoia Brown for wholesale or projects, slabs and cut to size upon requirements

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Selections of Sequoia Brown Marble Slabs

We have many stock slabs in 18mm thick for selection, usually polished and brushed finish.

We cut and update slabs from time to time to match various requirements of different slab patterns or styles.

If any projects for Sequoia Brown marble, please contact us to check current slabs and sizes.

And we will offer you pricing upon requirements.

Applications of Sequoia Brown Marble Tiles

Sequoia Brown is an ideal marble material for the floor tiles, not only for the large areas but also for the small area. It`s quite beautiful to make all tiles in the same direction, as well as install them randomly.

Our factory support to cut to size. We pay more attention to our quality and services, having the rich experience to take care of each order.

And we supplied many stone products to the commercial buildings, residential buildings, also the star hotels, for walls, floor tiles, countertops, vanity tops, stairs.  We supply various services, including sink cutouts, faucet cutouts, edge finish, layout, and the label for easy installation, and others upon requirements.

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Detail Specifications of Sequoia Brown Marble

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