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Taiwan Green Marble is quarried from Marble, which is also called Taiwan Garish Marble.

It has a natural vivid green color base with a few white veinings running through, there are also a few dark veins on the surface as well.

Green Marble can be a highlight of any space, to catch people’s eye when installing.

Among the deep green marbles, Taiwan Green has the highest cost performance, its price is much better than  Verde Alpi Marble, but the color looks greater than the Indian Dark Green Marble.

Moreover, its hardness is great and is highly appreciated in flooring tiles, walls countertops, etc.

We have a large quantity of 18mm slabs &blocks in stock, and can also cut with customized thicknesses and sizes as your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us if any needs or project inquiries.

Customized Taiwan Green Marble Tiles for Project

We can process the Taiwan Green Marble Tiles for your project, with the popular sizes of 12”x12”, x12”x24” and 24”x24”, the customized sizes are available.

And we will cut and dry lay the marble tiles for you, to ensure the color and veining are uniform when installing, contact us to to build your dream home together!

Taiwan Green Marble for Interior Decoration

With its great hardness, the Taiwan Green Marble is also highly appreciated for countertops, vanity tops, island tops table tops, etc.

We can process the customized countertops based on your drawings and design, show us your plans to make your dream home!

Detail Specifications of Taiwan Green Marble

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