The waterjet marble tile and medallions is a common stone product. This kind of products has actually been used since the Middle Ages in Europe. As the process has been improved, China’s marble factories can produce high-level products through modern equipment, such as computer-controlled CNC machines. The marble floor medallions or waterjet tile is a high-priced product in stone products and is widely used in architectural decoration.

The classification of waterjet marble tiles

1. According to the geometric shape

Rectangular and square; round and oval; fan-shaped and regular polygon.

Rectangular Marble Medallions

2. According to the application place

Lobby; bedroom; lounge; living room; bathroom; stairs and stepping.

3. According to the stone material

Marble; granite; artificial marble; stone quartz.

production process flow

The waterjet marble tile and medallions processing technology: material selection → cutting → splice → bonding → reinforcement, laying, sanding → fixed thickness → polishing → tiles layout, inspection, assembly, numbering → surface treatment → final inspection → packaging.

CNC for Medallions

How to select stone material

The selection of the marble pattern is the most important part of the production. The selection determines the quality, effect, artistry, and value of the mosaic. It is required to select a stone with fine crystal grains, clear and uniform texture, substantially uniform color, and no cracks.

Marble Tiles by CNC


In the entire mosaic pattern, the layout color of the same stone must be the same, but for some marble have differences color(such as Calacatta Gold Marble, Green Onyx, Nero Marquina, etc.), because the slabs have different color, so we need to choose the same color marble.

The basic principle of material selection is: one is to choose the material according to the principle of gradual color transition, and the second is to not affect the aesthetic decoration effect of the mosaic.

texture of surface

In the processing of stone pattern or medallions, the change of the surface texture of the marble is also very important. This is especially true for high-end products with high quality, high requirements, and high artistic quality. The best change in texture should be combined with the design to better show the effect of the design. The specific texture direction depends on the specific situation, there is no absolute standard to refer to.

Waterjet Marble Tiles Layout

For a circular mosaic, the texture can be in the circumferential direction or in the radial direction, but the consistency of the texture should be ensured regardless of the circumferential direction or the radial direction. For a square mosaic, the general image of the grain extends along the length direction, and can also radiate in the width direction or at the same time along with the length and width directions.

No matter how the texture changes, the key point is how to achieve the design and decoration effect of the stone mosaic, in order to achieve the best decorative effect of the mosaic.

Color line, stain, crack, hole, trachoma, mildew

These stone defects are absolutely not allowed in terms of the quality of the marble pattern. But because the stone is naturally produced, it is impossible to control its changes. Therefore, many stone materials have more or less certain flaws.

Oval Waterjet Tiles
Therefore, when we choose materials and materials, we must also consider these issues comprehensively. We can avoid them as much as possible, and we cannot avoid them depending on the specific situation. And these appearance defects should be repaired as much as possible. However, the range allowed is not to affect the overall decorative effect of the mosaic.