About Backlit Onyx You Need to Know

Backlit onyx is highly appreciated for its unique translucent feature and luxurious decoration effect.

Thanks to the backlit characteristic, the veins and color are more vivid and eye-catching when it’s illuminated by the light source.

We are an onyx supplier in China and can supply yellow, white, green, blue, pink, honey, brown, and other color onyx for you.

onyx without LEDbacklited onyx

We Supply Backlit Onyx Stone from Stone Factory

As a luxurious and semitransparent material, when combines with the proper backlight, it will maximize the performance characteristics of the onyx.

Onyx can presents brightness to the living room, TV panels, washrooms, as well as kitchen countertops. Thanks to its backlit feature and abundantly available variety of colors, veins, and patterns, it is always the priority of interior decoration.

Backlit onyx is widely used for wall panel, TV panel, island top, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, lamp, etc. It’s quite popular used in wall panels. And the backlit onyx wall panels price differentiates from size, types, colors, and grade. We offer the best price even for one piece.

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Backlit Agate Onyx for Wall

Backlit Agate Onyx

These agate onyx illustrate a superior appearance which is available in attractive blue, yellow, gold, purple, green, honey and pink colors. This style is the ideal option for fitting it in villas, high-end resorts, restaurants, and exhibition halls.

It is designed peculiarly for those who pursue luxury and exotic. The extravagant design and gloss brightness of these colorful stones make your interior house out of the ordinary.

Customized Service & Package

Except for the mentioned backlit onyx and agate wall panels, tiles, and countertops, we can also provide water-jet tiles products according to your requirements.

We Packed with strong fumigated wooden crates with a wooden tripod for protection. This package can greatly reduce damage during the long voyage.

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