Terrazzo Stone

Terrazzo stone is made by mixing aggregates such as gravel, pebbles and marble into cement, and then pressing into a square block under a vacuum environment, and solidifying and cutting into slabs.



Regular size:2400*1600mm / 3200*1600mm
Thickness: Regular thickness is 20mm, 25mm and 30mm  etc. The thickness of <20mm is not recommended. Customized thicknesses is available.


  1. After polishing, the polished degrees is above 70°~90°.
  2. It is strong, durable, low maintenance and environmental.
  3. Can meet a variety of thickness and profile processing requirements.
  4. Cleanliness can meet the requirements of high clean environments such as pharmaceuticals and CPU chip manufacturing.
  5. Non-combustible, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion-resistant, no odor.


Water Absorption 1.33%
Density 2554kg/m3
Bending Strength 13.1MPa
Abrasion Resistance 44.2mm
Freezing Resistance KMf25:84.0
Compression Strength 122MPa
Combustion Performance A1fl

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