Calacatta White Quartz You Need to Know

The Calacatta White Quartz stone series is currently the most popular quartz stone product. It has clear gray veins and pure white background.

Under the trend of minimalist design, it is used in kitchen countertops, backsplash, bartops, bathroom vanity tops and waterfall islands etc. Its advantages are wear resistance, corrosion resistance and easy processing etc.

We have made a video step by step showing the whole process of calacatta white quartz slabs from quartz sand and resin glue to quartz slabs, hope this video can help you better understand the calacatta quartz and bianco carrara quartz.

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8 New Designs Calacatta Quartz Stone in 2022

2021 New Design of Calacatta Quartz

New Designs in 2022

How to Make Quartz Slabs

  1. Raw Materials: quartz sand, color paste, and epoxy.
  2. Stirring all raw materials together.
  3. Put the stirred raw materials on the molding plate and make the veins by hand.
  4. Pressing the slabs.
  5. Sintering the slabs.
  6. Cut the 4 edges of slabs, normal size is: 3200x1600mm ( 126″ x 63″ ).
  7. Put the slabs into calibrating machine, and make the thickness 20mm or 30mm.
  8. Polishing slabs.
  9. Quality inspection of every piece.
  10. Plastic film covering to protect the surface.
  11. Slab packing: fumigated wooden bundle.

This video shows the whole production process

Calacatta White and Carrara White Quartz Colors List for Your Choices

What Can We Do for You?

We provide customized stone services, including the size and texture customization and quartz countertops by drawing

Quartz Slabs Wholesale

We can customize 2cm and 3cm thick quartz stone slabs for you. The size, color and texture can be customized. We will make samples for you to confirm before placing the order. At the same time, you can also choose our stock slabs for wholesale.

The quartz stone slabs are packed with the strongest fumigated wooden frame to ensure that they will not be damaged during shipping. For more slab inventory information and customization, please contact us

Calacatta White Quartz Slabs Packing and Loading

Calacatta Quartz Countertops

Our factory has complete countertop production equipment and experienced workers and drawing designers, we can produce high-quality quartz countertop products for you. Whether it is a project or a wholesale order, we guarantee the delivery time and product quality.

Calacatta quartz vanity tops

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