The place where it is easy to enhance and display the design style in interior design is the natural marble TV wall. Nowadays, more and more people choose the marble TV background wall to decorate their home for the purpose of pursuing high-grade, gorgeous and extravagant quality of life. This trend is more obvious in the luxury decoration.

How can we design a beautiful, unique and economical marble TV wall? Below we show some design references.

How to choose the marble color?

There are many kinds of marbles, and the textures are varied. It has a very artistic color. When we choose marble, we can choose the simple and elegant fine pattern to walk the elegant route, or we can win with the distinctive and prominent pattern.

  • When choosing light (white, beige, light gray, pink, etc.) marble as the TV curtain wall, the warm color will make the home decoration more integrated.
    calacatta marble for wallGrey Marble for TV wallVolakas marble for TV wall
  • When you use dark (black, gray, brown, red, green) marble to make a video wall, you can quickly improve the spatial quality of your home. Just like a unique natural art work, it will become the visual focus of the whole living room. You can also check our marble color list.
    Black marble for TV wall designGreen Granite for TV wall

And with the same series of marble to design the TV cabinet, it will be more harmonious. There is also the use of more vein marble (which can also use more vein granite, onyx, etc.) to design the wall, which will create a new natural style, which is also a novel and unique design.

However, the color you need to pay attention to is that regardless of the choice of dark and light colors, the overall mix of decoration is the first priority. At the same time, the change of stone composition affects the most natural surface texture, and this design point must also be taken seriously, because the texture of the same kind of stone is also different. More design style via pinterest.

How Much of Marble TV Wall

How much is the price of the marble TV wall? In fact, it is difficult to quote with the standardized and standardized quotation. After all, this is a customized product, and the price difference between different marbles is also very large.

marble TV wall design style

Therefore, in order to understand the cost of the marble TV wall, it is necessary to understand the actual use size (the size of each part), the type of stone used, and check the unit price and the finished product rate of the selected stone, so as to accurately calculate the cost of the stone.

Diana Royal Marble for TV wall

Due to the natural defects of some stones and the uneconomical size of the design, there may be only 50% of the finished products, so the unit price is very high, and this can be avoided by picking, so the “coordination” work is very important. There is also the difference in construction details and design, and the cost difference is not small, especially in terms of design. If you don’t know how to save costs and pick stones, you can contact us.

Aquila Marble for TV wall desing

Marble Surface Design

This is actually another major focus of the design of marble TV walls, and this is largely ignored. Stone surface processing methods are polished, matt, sandblasted, flamed , antiqued and so on, more detail in another article. Most of the previous owners chose to use polished or polished finishes. The processing of smooth surfaces has an inevitable problem – reflection.

Nature Surface of stone

No matter how harmonious the original design is, how beautiful the texture pattern is, the reflection of the glossy marble destroys the overall visual effect. Especially for the black marble, the problem of reflection is particularly serious, which makes people feel irritating, and there is also a counter-effect in the space.

Therefore, the use of non-glossy stone has a better effect. Today’s mainstream design in Europe and America is based on non-glossy design that does not cause light pollution. After all, it adopts processing of Antiqued surface, water punching surface, sandblasting surface and Flamed surface.

how to install the TV wall

However, if you must choose polished marble, you don’t need to worry about it. You can do it by illuminating the light so that the light does not produce glare. However, this must be done on-site, and it may be necessary to make changes to the lights and lines.

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