It is a very important thing for packing as the stone products are fragile. Let me introduce some packing styles of stone products.

Stone Slabs

The slab packing of stone is made of the fumigated wood bundle so that no insect can survive, let’s view the photo:

Packing Bundle of Rough Slab

All the slabs are packed into the bundle, then loaded into the container.

The Loading of Stone Slabs

Rough Slab in Container

About the half slabs, as the granite slab of China granite 603 and 654, the loading pictures are as follow:

Container Loading of Stone Half Slabs

If we need to pack and load 1pcs or 2pcs slabs, we must make the tripod in the bottom for fixing, pls check the photo.

Wooden Packing of Single Slab

Wooden Packing of Single Slab2


Stone Tiles

About the stone tiles, we make the sturdy wooden crate for packing and put the foam in to protect, some photos you may check.

400x600mm stone tiles packing

300x600mm stone tile packing

Foam for the packing

Seal Crate of Stone Tiles

tiles loading container

Sometimes we use the carton to pack the 1cm thickness thin marble tiles for wholesale order, then put the carton into the crate.

The 1cm marble tile carton packing

305x610mm marble tile packing


Countertop and Vanity top

Same as the packing of stone tiles, the countertops and splash are also packed in the fumigation crate.

countertop crate packing

countertopcrate loading

But about the prefab countertop with sink order, we must make customized carton with the logo or other information as the client’s requirements.

vanity top with sink

Prefab Countertop with sink crate packing (3)

Prefab Countertop and splash with sink crate packing (1)

crate of vanity tops

countertop crate packing loading


Stone Blocks

One container can usually load one or two stone blocks.
Stone Block Loading

Stone Block Loading and Packing

Stone Mosaic Tiles

The mosaic tiles are packed by the carton and crate.
Stone Mosaic Tile packing

Welcome to add other packing styles and leave a message, thank you.