For those locations where other finishes are commonly used, the stone finish can also be applied.

Pls check the popular stone products application locations list:

• External stone cladding, Granite Tiles or Limestone Tiles by dry-hang.

External Stone Cladding

• Walls and floor to the entrance and typical lift lobbies by Stone Tiles or Marble Water Jet Pattern.

lobby marble tile

• Staircase and railing by Granite Tiles or Marble Tiles.

• Circular and rectangular column by stone block.


• Bathroom floor, wall and countertop by granite countertop or marble vanity tops.

• Window sill by granite or mable tiles.

• Door threshold, architrave, pull handle and entrence floor.

• Fence wall, water feature, planter and pavior by granite paving.

• Railing, pull handle, light trough, display top, directory sign, directory sign and reception counter.

marble vanity top

• Special items of clubhouse, pool edge and pool bottom by stone mosaic.

• Lift car interior.