About Bianco Typhoon Granite Info

Bianco Typhoon Granite is a natural granite, sourced Brazil. Beige background with light blue shadow. The black veins are distributed on the board like dead branches.

It is an entry-luxury granite, very popular for Countertop, because of its hardness and clean easily.

Most of it are have small grains, but occasionally there will be one or two big grain. Look at the pictures.

There is a serious looks similar, like Everest White Granite, Delicatus White Granite and so on, the much more difference of Bianco Typhoon Granite is the light blue shadow.

Slabs Backlit Reference

Bianco Typhoon Granite is translucent, here are some for your reference. But suggest do the back light at site.

Electricians can debug and install on-site, that will be more convenient.

Because if we provide LED lights, you will still need to find an electrician to install them.

Of course, if you want multiple combination lights, it is also possible.

Look at the pictures, different light, the feeling will be different.

It can not only bring you the warm light from the windows of home but also bring you the momentum that a single spark can start a prairie fire.

At the same time, there is also a dreamlike mysterious blue.

What We Can Do for You?

We always have 2cm thick big slabs in stock and keep cutting the new, the size of big slabs are all big enough and book-matched polished.

If you need 3cm thick or other size, need to be customized.

And we have a factory can supply production service. Here are some projects for your reference.

A complete machine can meet all your processing needs, some of the custom sizes and processes have MOQ requirements. You can contact us directly to check.

We are here, waiting for you.

Detail Specifications

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